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Geoff Bennett Martial Arts International Progressive Protection System has its origins in the Hokkien Province of China.

This style was taught to Master Ho Soon Cheng as a boy (to manhood) in his family. Master Ho also mastered  six other traditional martial arts systems in Penang Malaysia. The most renowned was Shaolin Kung Fu.

In the early seventies Master Ho taught martial arts In Sydney while he attended the University of New South Wales. Here, he further modified his martial arts to be the Early Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, and was Called Chinese Kick Boxing it also included Boxing, Thai boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Wing Chun made Famous by the Yip Man and the Legend Bruce Lee and Aikido. One of his two closed-door  disciples  to  date  was Sifu Geoff Bennett the Other was Sifu Con Dimopoulos both of Sydney Australia. In 1985 Sigung Ho closed his hands to martial arts and transferred leadership to Sifu Geoff Bennett.

The Progressive Protection System was further developed by adding Hung Gar Shaolin Kung Fu, Mantis, Arnis, Filipino stick and knife and other Shaolin weapons, Long Pole, Spear and Sword Forms

The Progressive Protection System is an innovative, efficient and simplistic Mixed Martial Arts system that emphasises physical strength by using high speed, reflex function and bio-mechanics. This combination
of skills produces a sensitive and elusive fighting form with maximum impact and maximum velocity.

GBMAI has an  international  presence  in  Malaysia , Greece and Sweden it is  under the  innovative  leadership  of  Sifu Geoff Bennett. Plans for further expansion are in progress.

GBMAI and the UNSW Martial Arts club have celebrated their 40th anniversary 31st May 2014

Training in Martial arts also know as Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Chinese Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts We have been teaching Martial Arts Mixed System or Hybrid Martial arts since the Early 70's and continuously developing and teaching the system including Martial Arts Weapons and Martial Arts Forms, Thai Boxing was also introduced along with Arnis Eskrima and Kali, Ground work, take downs Close quarter fighting

1974 to 1975 at Haberfield Scouts Centre 1982 Sydney University

1975 to 1978 at Asiana Centre in Ashfield NSW     1982 to 1986 Ashfield Scots Hall

1975 to 1998 University of NSW 1998 to 2006 Randwick Community Centre

2006 to current

Daceyville PCYC

 2003 to current

Blacktown PCYC

    2002 to 2005 Bankstown PCYC, Baulkham Hills

still teaching in the Bankstown area


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